Probe of site 1437 part 1

Rondark Moon settlement site 1437-  A stygian force had cut it's way through the Rondark system two years previous and heavy fighting was still ongoing on the planet of Rondark prime.  However the orbiting moon was overwhelmed in the first months of the invasion.  Imperial forces began growing suspicious of the constant resupply of warmachines arriving on Rondark Prime for Stygian forces.  It was theorized that a manufacturing site had been set up on the planets moon.  A number of recon flights over the moon failed to indicate the site of manufacturing.  Imperial strategists then remembered their were extensive underground facilities at settlement 1437.  A task force of Blood Raven marines were inserted to launch a probe of site 1437, determine if it was indeed in use and cleanse the site if practical.  The mission was led by Captain Ventridas.
Ventridas ordered his marines to take up various positions in the ruins.  Auger returns were picking up faint emissions ahead.  Brother Asimoth of the Librarius had voxed in that he could detect a malignant presence in the ruins ahead.  Ventridas ordered the scout skimmers to advance on the Imperial right flank while other units held in position.  The skimmers raced ahead their sensors suddenly bursting to life as a large Dark mechanicus force loomed out of the darkness before them bearing down on the Imperial Marine expedition.

The Scout speeders could see hulking brutes ahead of them.  Their advanced sensors picking up on these geneticly vat grown monstrosities had been further altered with dangerous blades and outfitted with combat drug dispensors.  These Gene Brutes had been seen before in the Stygian Wars and their presence reeked of the Dark Mechanicus.  The speeders opened fire with their heavy bolters but only one of the rounds injured a beast.  The rest bouncing off the surrounding ruins.

Meanwhile on the other side of the battlefield the scout snipers and devastators opened fire on a group of Kataphron servitors and dark magos spotted on the landing platform.  An unnatural darkness seemed to swirl around the Dark mechanicus and in the end only a single one of the Kataphrons was wounded.

Special thanks goes out to Justin (seen below) for his help with this battle report including the use of his awesomely painted blood raven army.


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