Probe of Site 1437 part 6

Zandragel could sense the flow of battle turning against the Imperials as combat information and data flowed through his visor.  He quickly ordered the attack to be pressed home.  A scream filled the air as a heldrake swooped in and began strafing the devastators even as the Kataphrons opened up on the blowing the marines apart and beginning to unhinge the Imperial left flank.

The Kastellan robots reactivated their agis protocols and swiveled their shoulder mounted flamers towards the ruins with the scouts.  Torrents of burning promethium lashed out onto the ruins immolating the scouts save one who hastily withdrew from the position lest he be turned into a human torch.

Meanwhile the Helbrute with the plasma cannon opened fire on the vanguard assault squad.  The blast of superheated plasma annihilating a number of the marines.

In the center the maulerfiend charged Asimoth and his squad.  The fell daemon engine smashing apart a handful of marines with ease leaving Asimoth to rally the survivors to use their grenades and destroy the abomination of daemonic machinery.

The other Maulerfiend charged the assault Squad and with a roar of fury tore them apart with it's piston driven power fists leaving the way clear to continue it's rampage.

The Helbrute charged into the tactical marines, it's power scourge flailing wildly slicing two marines in half and forcing the others back as they poured fire on the metal monstrosity in a swirling melee.

Special thanks goes out to Justin (seen below) for all his help with this battle report!


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