Stygian Guard

Stygian Guard mechanized infantry squad.  Such squads make up the bulk of the official Stygian Guard army.  This squad in particular is tooled up for anti infantry fighting hence the flame thrower.  Given the Stygian Empires continued use of chemical weapons it is unsurprising to find this squad equipped with gas masks

These models are standard GW Cadian infantry with head swaps from Pig Iron Productions

Stygian Guard Chimera.  The Stygian Empire favored chimera's over Taurox's. Partly because of ease of acquisition but also based on firepower.  This Chimera in addition to it's multi laser also has a heavy bolter, a heavy stubber, and a hunter killer missile.  This loadout makes the chimera a formidable source of firepower on the battlefield capable of decimating units for it's embarked squads to then mop up.


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