History of the Stygian Wars Part I

Preparing For War

The Origin of the Stygian Wars could be traced back 112 years ago to the year M40.855.  Lord Magwar of the Alpha Legion 7th Hydra company sought to change the strategic weaknesses found through Chaos forces with the Imperium forever having a massive material and manpower advantage.  His plan was to recruit a base force, and using the element of surprise to quickly establish a pocket empire.  A percentage of resources gained and produced by this pocket empire would be taken away prepare further large scale uprisings.  Meanwhile the pocket empire would fight to expand, or at the very least preserve it's holdings for as long as possible in order to fuel larger and more wide spread rebellions across multiple sectors in the years after it's fall.  The Korsov sector was chosen as the target in the segmentum tempestus.  The Rebellion would focus on the penal world of Stygia.

The following century saw the Alpha Legion covertly developing cults and agents throughout the Korsov sector in preparation for the rebellion.  Meanwhile Lord Magwar and his forces began raiding sectors adjacent to the Korsov sector seeking supplies and equipment for the new pocket empire they wished to create.  Key raids saw the capture of transport convoys and small escort ships lured into investigating false emergency calls.  Pirates from all three sectors along with dark pilgrims began flocking to wilderness space where the 7th Hydra secretly operated out of.  Slowly but surely a large force began to take shape out in wilderness space.  Finally massive raids were launched to capture more military equipment to arm the new army the Alpha Legion had formed
                                  Alpha Legion Marine securing war material during a raid

The Hour Grows Late

     Imperial forces reeling under these constant raids and learning of a build up in wilderness space called for reinforcements to stop it, and to hunt down the Alpha legion in wilderness space.  Ironically the Korsov sector sent most of the reinforcements in the form of Imperial guard regiments and fleet assets to assist these sectors.  Meanwhile a prison revolt was in the making on Stygia, it's leader hand picked by Lord Magwar to be the new emperor of the "Stygian Empire". 
     A task force of Loyalist space marines of the Apocalypse Angels chapter had meanwhile undertaken the call to arms and began to hunt the wilderness space for this threat to Imperial security.  On the desolate moon of Ryback IV they found one of the training facilities used by the Alpha Legion and assaulted it.
                                         Apocalypse Angels raid Ryback IV

Despite the overwhelming success of the raid, the Imperium discovered it was too late.  From the few prisoners taken and interrogated it was learned that the vast chaos force was already en route for the Korsov sector and the penal world of Stygia.


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