Lord Magwar warlord of the 7th Hydra grand company Alpha Legion

     Lord Magwar is the commander of the 7th Hydra grand company of the Alpha Legion, and the mastermind behind inciting the Stygian Wars.  He along with his key subordinates directs the chaos Strategy for the puppet Stygian Emperor.  Though rarely seen directly in the field, when he does appear it is always clad in terminator armor wielding a daemon cursed murder sword.  Tactically Imperial commanders have found him to be highly flexible and innovative using stealth, infiltration, assassination, and diversionary attacks to prime the way from a multi pronged main assault that often sweeps the bewildered defender aside.  When fighting defensively He favors highly economical force to threat ratios in great depth, along as using lures to direct the fighting to a preplanned ambush, and even small disruptive preemptive strikes to derail offensives before they can gain momentum.


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