Outpost 4372

Outpost 4372 lies in the basin plains of Ithican II, a small planet in Imperial space that had been hit with a "Flash Fire" attack and was now enduring a insurgency as a result.  The Outpost is manned by soldiers of the 343rd Anglican regiment.  The outpost serves as a fuel depot for forces hunting insurgents with a small garrison to guard it and keep an eye for signs of insurgent movement across the barren plains.  The outpost uses standard utilitarian Arkos forge designed pre-fab construction common throughout the sector.

     The Kit is the Mantic Games Sci-Fi watchtower kit from their battlezones scenery line.  While the kit looks simple enough a word of warning it is not.  There are no instructions, and you are best served assembling without glue then going back over and gluing the connectors.  I had to rebuild this kit three different times before I could get to glue.  While this kit is generic and allows a number of options I found it to be frustrating to say the least and am now a bit wary of some of the other kits in this line.  I painted it a olive green and kept the colors minimal and bland to reinforce the modular pre-fab nature of the scenery.  I used a great deal of GW Agrellan Earth technical paint, (highly recommended for easy weathering ) to give it an aged unkempt appearance.  I wanted to use this piece in future games as an abandoned outpost as well, hence the painting choices.


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