Helbrute equipped with Wrath pattern ecto plasma cannon.  Effective against both light to mid armored vehicles and devastating to even the most heavily armored infantry this pattern of Helbrute is amongst the favored versions employed by the Alpha Legion and the Stygian Empire.  While helbrutes are not typically found amongst the midst of the Stygian Guard, they are a more common sight amongst Stygian militia units.  They can be found on garrison duty and amongst the front lines of the war.  They have even been known to make up a portion of the "Flashfire" forces initial wave due to their unstable temperament and destructive capabilities.

This helbrute is from the Dark Vengeance set.  The multi melta arm has been replaced with a plasma cannon from the forgefiend kit.  The GW helbrute kit plasma cannon appearing to thin and anemic for my tastes.  A plasma Cannon should be more intimidating thus the conversion.  The tail is likewise from the Forgefiend /maulerfiend kit as I wanted to give the model a more serpentine/ dinosaur/dragon feel to the model.


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