Dark Apostle Janeus

Dark Apostle Janeus is the leading Dark Apostle of the 7th Hydra Grand Company, Alpha Legion.  A member of Lord Magwar's inner command circle he has helped direct hundreds of insurrections.  His keen mind has seen him counter imperial propaganda and lead those who hear his words down the eight fold path.  His zealotry and commitment to the long war is legendary.  So much so the gods have seen fit to reward his service by fueling the fire within him with the very essence of the warp.  Janeus radiates a dark heat and his skin appears as melting wax so great is the fire within that drives him.  Throughout the Stygian war he was quick to recruit from any recidivist faction of the Imperium in order to augment the strength of the Stygian Empire.  He was also chosen to instruct the new members of the dark priesthood, the eightfold path, in the ways of chaos to inspire and elevate the official church of the Stygian Empire.


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