LRRP patrol

Smarkad III-  In an effort to fight the growing Stygian Insurgency a small LRRP team departs from watch outpost 243.  With ease they make their way into the dense forests of the world intent on hunting the stygian chaos worshipers.

LRRP patrol 46 spends nearly a week out in the forests before spotting signs of enemy movement.  The specialist troops of the LRRP backtrack the trails leading deeper into the forest.  At length they come across an stygian insurgent camp.
Sgt Horvath of LRRP patrol 46 realizes the patrol can't take on the huge numbers of insurgents without support.  Reinforcements would take hours if not days to arrive and the insurgents would melt away if they detected their approach.  Sgt. Horvath contacts a firebase and calls in the strike package for the artillery.

Shells come slamming in impacting around the insurgent camp and slaughtering the insurgents.  pandemonium breaks out as all is fire and terror in the insurgent camp.
Sgt. Horvath takes advantage of the chaos to order the assault by the patrol.  The Stygian insurgents reeling under artillery fire are caught further off guard by the LRRP teams sudden assault.  The remaining insurgent flee into the forest.

With the insurgent camp in flames the LRRP team slips back into the forest to hunt down other enemy encampments.


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