Smarkad III- Sgt. Horvath of LRRP patrol 46 led his successful team through the forest elated at the success of the patrol.  Specialist Gibbons did not share his sergeants enthusiasm however.  He felt like he was being watched.  As time passed the feeling intensified but search as he might he couldn't see any danger.  Then Two days after attacking the insurgent camp Steve and Carl had gone missing while bringing up the rear. 
There hadn't even been so much as a single scream, no noise that alerted the rest of the LRRP something had gone wrong.  They ha gone back and had found a ton of blood but no bodies.  Gibbons had no delusion that either of his team mates was still alive.  Cautiously the remainder of the patrol went ahead aware now of being stalked.
They Came in the evening three days later.  Gibbons heard the screams as if reality itself was trying to deny their exsistance before they suddenly appeared before them.  The laughter of the killers echoing through the forest and accompanying the screaming of reality that floated in the wind.  Their claws glowing and extended.  Gibbons fired but the plasma dissipated as it struck them.  SGt Horvath and Cruz were firing madly, and on the monsters came claws extended laughing.  Gibbons ran.
As Gibbons ran he heard the rest of the teams screams as they were hacked apart.  He could hear one of the creatures chasing him.  He ran faster.    It was with contemptuous ease the Warp Talong caught the last guardsman.  The man screamed in terror even before the warp Talon slashed him apart with his claws.  The Warp Talons were here to teach the Imperial LRRP teams that they did not in fact own the forests.  The forests were the domains of monsters, they were the domain of the warp talons.


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