Destruction of HQ complex 103

Antinga IV- A vicious insurgency racked the planet.  Stygian insurgents had been persecuting a successful campaign across the world for the most part.  However on the southern continent they had been stymied by Imperial Forces.  Stygian Agents deduced that most of the command team responsible the Imperial success was in command complex 103 which was heavily defended.

A small strike team from the Alpha Legion was assembled and then keying off of homing beacons placed by an operative.  The Alpha Legion terminators teleported into the main command room catching the imperials by surprise before dosing them in flames killing them.

The Alpha Legion detachment was led by the sorcerer Kolroth.  Kolroth quickly opened a warp rift with his mind and summoned forth bloodletters in an angry tide.
The blood crazed daemons started to rampage across the complex catching many by surprise.

In some areas the Imperials managed to resist at least a little while before being dragged under Daemon blades and claws.

As the complex began to burn the daemons hunted down the surviving Imperial guardsmen.  The cruel laughter of the daemons blending with the roaring of the flames.

With the daemons roaming victoriously through the complex the Alpha Legion Terminators made their way to the roof and arranged to be teleported back.  The Imperial command team was dead.  The area was infested with daemons, and the shock of the attack would see Imperial resistance weaken on this front.


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