Volgagrad Status update

To: Vexus Prime Planetary HQ
From: General Brusilov commander Volgagrad Front, Vexus Prime
Subject: Situation Report
Thought for the Day:  Heresy begets retribution

The Situation on the Volgagrad front remains one of stalemate at the moment though the fighting continues at a frantic pace.  Indeed the high casualties are reminiscent of the Canberra River Front with regards to infantry casualties and bitterness of fighting.  While I am confident of maintaining the majority of our currently occupied territory the same can not be said about recapturing territory.  The only way a possible successful offensive could be launched in this sector is with additional reserves (my staff calculates 10 more fresh regiments at a minimum) or if Stygian forces are drawn off to reinforce a Imperial thrust on another front thus weakening resistance on the Volgagrad Front.
Furthermore our ability to hold our ground will diminish over the next year if the supply of replacements is cut off.  Infantry casualty rates are near 80% and without an influx of replacements many regiments would simply wither away to the detriment of the front.


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