Stygian Wars Updated dispatches 1

The Stygian Wars continue to rage across the Selecus Sector.  The War grind on in a stalemate on several Imperial worlds on the main stygian axis of attack as Imperial troops desperately try to stem the tide.  However rebellion and destruction are still sown across Imperial worlds behind the main front as insurrections and raids seek to sap Imperial strength.
The Alpha Legion continue to take a dark tithe of 10 percent of all captured and produced war materials which Imperial Intelligence fears will enable them to create more pocket empires on the Stygian Model in the years to come.
The Stygian Empire is content to continue it's expansion in all directions.  Their long term strategic thinking being their only hope lays in a defense in depth that wears the Imperium out.
The Imperium is franticly trying to hold it's ground.  A few voices have called for a crusade to end the menace but that cry holds little weight  currently.  The only noteable success the Imperials have enjoyed have been raids by the Adeptus Astartes into Stygian territory.  The Stygian Wars continue unabated.


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