A Brief history of the Stygian Wars

Selucus sector- Galactic Southeast.  Alpha Legion forces under the command of Lord Magwar of the 7th Grand Company (Hydra company) starts a revolt on 12 planets including the penal world of Stygia where a new Emperor is proclaimed for the Stygian Empire.  The Stygian Empire rapidly invades a further 12 worlds alongside their Alpha Legion masters.  At this time the Selucus sector fleet in decimated by a cunning Alpha Legion Ambush and a forge world is overrun by the Dark mechanicus who declare for the new Stygian Empire.  The Stygian empire expands to include 42 worlds firmly held by the Empire.  The Stygian Wars rage across a hundred moons, asteroids and planets on the outskirts of the Empire as it seeks to expand while the Imperium seeks to stop and then wipe out the pocket chaos empire.


  1. Nice little bit of history help me understands thing's a bit better, thanks for posting.

  2. This already helps seeing the Stygian Wars clearer(so it is actively expanding and not being destroyed by Imperial crusade or such - refreshing!) yet more details would flesh out the setting even more :D

    For example what Imperial date the revolt began? What forces the Stygians are facing? is there organized defence on on the Imperiums side or are the Stygians and their masters just cherry picking their conquests? Also sector map is always fun to see :)

    1. There is organized defense by the Imperium and the war is teetering on a stalemate that threatens to be a tipping point for both sides. The Stygian Empire is expanding out seeking an almost Japanese defensive strategy in the pacific. I will have to add more detail later and put in a regular section with just the history. Sadly my computer skills are lacking (just ask my kid about that) however I have tech savy friends so perhaps in a few weeks I can put those things up. I will also start to do updates on the current state of the war from time to time. Thank you for the very positive, and constructive input. It allows me to make improvements that will push the blog further along on the right track.


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