Unauthorized transmissions

Astigi Flashfire Campaign- Astigi Day 1- A number of drops made onto the planet included specialized broadcasting transmitters.  These devices were powerful enough to override Imperial signals with transmission loops designed by the Alpha Legion.  Thus Imperial communications were frequently jammed across Astigi and unauthorized transmission from the Stygian Empire were going out across the world.  Below are two examples- the first is obviously meant to spread terror across the planet-
DEATH IS COMING! DEATH IS COMING! DEATH IS COMING!- The following chanted by a guttural voice that Inquisitional Analysis suggest may be malefic in orgin.
ASTIGI PRIMUS HAS FALLEN.  HASTORI HAS BEEN DESTROYED. IMPERIAL GOVONER VARUS HAS ORDERED THE UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF ALL IMPERIAL FORCES TO THE STYGIAN EMPIRE-  These lies served to undermine morale and fool a few weak elements of the planet into surrender.  These transmitters would serve to slow the Imperial response to the attack as well as sowing doubt across the planet.


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