Imperial command

Astigi Flashfire Campaign- Astigi- Astigi Primus- Day 2- With the departure of the Stygian carrier Oni the Imperials retook the skies and began to form a cohesive picture of the assault that was ongoing on their world.  In the far south the city of Gades was overrun by a daemonic incursion of considerable strength.  In the central region Hastori had been nuked by errant anti ship defenses affected by scrap code.  Segundum had fallen to large numbers of mutants.  In the north Narbon city was under determined assault by Stygian Militia.  Astigi Primus was under bombardment from it's own artillery forts.  The bridge over the Tagus river had been destroyed, the northern airfields were damaged and barley functioning and incapable of a large effort.  Promethium output in the west had been cut.  Furthermore dozens of smaller settlements had been razed.  The planetary defense noosphere was infected with scrapcode, and communications were mostly jammed.  Col. Corboda was appointed supreme military commander Astigi and began to formulate a counterstrike to retake his world and drive the invaders into their graves.  The Imperium had suffered nearly 1.2 million casualties the first 24 hours of the offensive.  However the Stygian forces no longer had surprise working for them and were outnumbered nearly 15 to 1.  Corboda gave his word Astigi would be cleansed.


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