Halting the imperial advance from the OP

Grenada Reconquest- Iberian Campaign- Iberia-  Having established an OP (Observation Post) in the ruins of a mining outpost a lone stygian soldier watches from the tower for any sign of the imperial advance.
finally spotting advancing forces on the horizon the stygian sentry calls down to his commander below giving him a spotting report.  The Stygian officer then vox's the spot report to mobile artillery within range of the advancing imperials.

With accurate information coming in real time the Stygian artillery pounds the advancing imperials until they are forced back leaving the dead and a number of burning wrecks behind.  The stygian ability to observe and pound imperial troop movements threatens to turn the fighting into a stalemate that favors the Stygian defenders.
Even worse from the Imperial perspective is the fact that any attempt to renew the advance will likely result in high casualties for little to no gain.  For the moment the bulk of Imperial forces are stopped.


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