Editorial- LRRP campaign

Since I have received a lot of feedback regarding the LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) posts, I will reveal the inspiration for such posts along with recommendations for others interested in the LRRP concept.  I will then also detail how I play these scenarios out in 40k and provide a mini LRRP campaign.
I got the idea of including LRRP missions in 40k from history, specifically from the Vietnam War where the U.S. created such teams and missions for them to carry out.  The idea and doctrine of the LRRP team seemed very sound and intelligent.  The concept of the LRRP team goes back all the way to Roger's Rangers during the French and Indian War- (7 years war to our European readers).  Indeed the idea of sending in an advanced scouting unit to locate and mark targets for destruction by later forces was ideally suited to kill team games.
Indeed it also seemed to be suited for combat patrol as well with an advanced squad and a vehicle.  Justification for which could be found in modern LRRP teams such as from the story pictured below.
This story follows a green beret detachment on forward recon during an offensive in Afghanistan.  The detachment located numerous targets and uncovered a number of intel items before seizing a key piece of terrain and hunkering down on it while calling in airstrikes and artillery strikes on Taliban forces opposing the main push.  A very good read and I highly recommend it to you.  It inspires a number of scenarios to be written and provides proof to the LRRP concept being timeless.
CAMPAIGN- run a single game of shadow war using the kill team fight mission.  2nd if the LRRP kill team lost a member run the rescue mission, if not run the raid special mission with the objective being a target in the base camp.  If the LRRP team is successful run the ambush scenario as they attempt to delay the hunting down of the team.
Next run a kill point mission in 40k with the standard secondary objectives except replace 1rst blood with attrition of leaders, with the side that kills the most characters winning the objective.  The lrrp team faction will be the attacker and have 1500 pts and first turn
The defender will have 1000 pts if the LRRP team won the majority of the missions.  If they did not the defender has 1250 pts.

This campaign represents an imperial kill team coming across a stygian training camp and then disrupting it until a follow on force can engage and destroy the site and the cultists.  Feel free to play with different rule sets to create your own LRRP campaign. 


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