Doom lure

Grenada Reconquest- Iberian Campaign- Iberia, outpost 279-  The Imperials continued their successful if costly assault.  Stygian forces quickly resorted to dirty stratagems in an effort to drive up the blood price the Imperium would pay.  The often used a tactic they called a doom lure, where a squad would fight hard for a position then retreat under the cover of a single member of the squad.
When Imperial forces then assaulted the position in overwhelming force they would see a swift victory often not noticing the remote controlled booby trap until it was far far too late.
With the advance Imperial force then wiped out the retreating squad would then reoccupy the position leaving nearby Imperial units very reluctant to assault the position lest they carry out the same trick.  The hesitation thus imposed upon Imperial forces slowed the advance and allowed a reorganization of the Stygian Defense.


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