Dark seeds

Lorica V- OPERATION SEPTIC SLASH- D-DAY- Even as the Death Guard made planetfall and hidden groups of pox walkers emerged to attack from within another prong of the attack was launched.  Hundreds of captured Imperial escape pods were unleashed across Lorica V.  Inside each were ravenous pox walkers that would then emerge and cause chaos at hundreds of smaller settlements away from the main operations.  The use of these attacks tied down Imperial forces deployed on the outskirts and overloaded imperial High Command in the sheer volume of aid requests as the pox walkers caused outbreaks to begin in the settlements as well as in the core cities.  Imperial strategists later determined this style of 'Dark Seeding" as it was called bore remarkable similarity to the Stygian and Alpha Legion "Flashfire" campaigns.  This similarity helped the Imperial forces conclude Alpha Legion cooperation in the operation.


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