Inquisitor Victoria Shadowhawk

With the involvement of the Alpha Legion and the subsequent use of cults, spies, infiltrators, and assassins the eye of the Inquisition was drawn to the conflict of the Stygian Wars.  Inquisitor Victoria Shadowhawk of the ordo hereticus arrived to combat the threat posed by the subversive forces of the Alpha legion and Stygian Empire.  Shadowhawk quickly scored a number of victories and had a uncommon knack of arriving at the right time and place to thwart plots against the imperium.  Rumors began circulating that Shadowhawk was a radical Inquisitor of the Ocularian faction, a faction that makes extensive use of divination to guide their actions.  Ocularians believe in knowing the future they can then control it.  Shadowhawk is thought to be amongst their direct action elements amongst the faction.  If true it would explain the success Shadowhawk has had in being in the perfect position to thwart plots against the Imperium.  However the truth of which faction Shadowhawk belongs to is speculative as she herself has never and will never say.


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