Harrowing coup de main

Grenada Reconquest- Iberian Campaign- Iberia- Iberia Primus- cross ref ***The Alpha Atrocity*** clearance lvl 12 required.
With the northern force retreating and the eastern and western imperial forces annihilated the Alpha Legion and Stygian forces unleashed their full fury on the three encircled regiments in the southern part of the city.  Daemons and militia charged recklessly under the gaze of Alpha Legion marines and under the protection of Stygian Guard suppressive fire.  The evening after the nuke strike in the eastern part of the city the harrowing unleashed by the Alpha Legion was complete with the southern force falling to the hammer and anvil attack bringing a total of 9 imperial regiments wiped out in 24 hours and three more reeling back in the north.  Stygian forces were now free to effect a breakout.


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