Planning the Grenada Reconquista

With the Stygian Wars in full swing and the forces of chaos on the offensive a small army group has been released by sector HQ for a counteroffensive.  Imperial commanders meet and begin to plan the counter offensive.  The Grenada System is targeted for reconquest.  The Grenada system is an isolated arm of the Stygian Empire that acts as a jump off point for raids into four other systems.  There are four inhabited moons and planets in the system.  Retaking the system would ease the defensive burden on four other systems freeing up more troops for the stygian wars and allowing this counteroffensive to grow into a full fledged crusade.  Imperial forces were pleased when the support of the Apocalypse Angels chapter was pledged.  They would spearhead the assault taking out the serpent eye space station that served as an early warning and defense point for the system.


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