Spartan STC 1

During the Stygian Wars prefab buildings from STC templates were in common use.  One STC set was known as the Spartan STC set which made fro quick rugged dependable buildings capable of multiple uses but with a minimum effort placed on aesthetics.  This large building template comes with a working computer system and capable off multiple different specializations.

NOTE- SPARTAN SCENICS KIT  WARNING WARNING WARNING.  Forgeworld like directions at best and being charitable.  Not a friendly kit for faint of heart.  While the end result looks great with what I have accomplished I will never do another Spartan Scenic kit again.  There were so many issues and hurdles to this project that it simply wasn't funny.


  1. I think I might have seen them somewhere else lol I'm not sure if you know or not But I've a lot of this stuff.

    1. Good Luck with it. On the bright side once finished it looks great. Need any tips on it I'll be happy to pass them along.

  2. Thanks for the offer Dougles & I know where you're coming from, but been a carpenter myself helps my over ride a lot of the problems I imagine you had putting this stuff together.


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