Raiders of the Long War

Valcor Tal of the Alpha Legion, 7th Grand Hydra Company and Champion of Chaos made his way through the ruins.  Behind him a small group of his fellow legionaries followed him as he made his way towards the Imperial Supply dump.  Valcor had done this hundreds of times before and he conceded he would in all likelihood do this a thousand more times until they attained the final victory.  Some would be complacent even bored with the duty.  To Valcor's mind these were the less motivated, unworthy of fighting the long war.  Indeed it was the epitome of what the long war often was, raiding, and routine actions with only the occasional monumental event to move the conflict further along.  Valcor froze and confirmed the intel they had on the site.  Only two guards were ahead.
Valcor considered his options, he could ghost them, kill them quiet and then destroy the supply dump.  He considered and rejected it.  Ghosting them would be effective to his purpose only for creating terror of the unknown.  With the dump burning their would be no horror of discovery to chill the Imperials spines.  No he would go for rapid dominance.  Let the site fall in seconds to overwhelming force with the guards butchered with ease.  That would put some fear into these lackeys of the false emperor.  Valcor gestured with his axe and subvoxed the attack order.  Then he burst into the open firing his pistol into the first guard blowing his chest apart even as the second guard struggled to bring his rifle to bear.

Before the second guard could fire a bolt pistol shot removed his head.  Valcor ordered the supply crates to be rummaged through.  What supplies they could easily port they would take with them.  Waste not, want not.  And the Dark Gods punished waste.  Any veteran of the Long War could have told that much.  With a few grenades and a few magazines for bolt weapons recovered Valcor gave the order and his fellow Alpha Legion Marine began to put the supply dump to the torch.

Valcor motioned for the infiltrating squad to move out in order to put some distance between themselves and this latest target they had engaged.  It might not have been overly challenging.  But now an Imperial platoon would be short of gear.  Two guards will have been found butchered with ease which would demoralize the Imperial further.  of Course so would the booby traps they had placed under the dead Imperials.  Valcor felt a sneering grin across his features.  It still wasn't much but Valcor would commit similar acts a few more times tonight.  It would eventually add up.  And then the big push could happen.  That Valcor thought with determination was the way of the entire long war.


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